Themes & Holidays

We celebrate almost any holiday and often create a theme for our dance. See our schedule for upcoming celebrations. Some regular dance themes include:

Children’s Invitation

An invitation for families, where children (of all ages) can enjoy dancing in our sacred space.  We ask larger dancers to be mindful of smaller ones during these times while relishing the spontaneity children can inspire!  Adults are welcome to join in a child-like way, which may be playful or noisy.

Adults’ Invitation

Music and focus during these dances may be more adult-oriented, or less appropriate for children.  We ask parents to be mindful of helping children to use inside voices and gentler movements, especially while soft or slow music is playing.  Children are welcome to join in an adult-like way, which may be tearful or silent.

Silent Dance

It is always appropriate to move conversations into the foyer.  During an especially themed Silent dance, we ask everyone to help us support a non-verbal space in the main dance area for the duration of our time together.

Live/Participatory Music

We often are honored to have live musicians perform for our dance. Some musicians bring extra instruments available for anyone to play.  Make sure to ask a Musician or a Music Leader before trying one!

Full Moon / New Moon

While we may not always be able to see the moon, we honor the effect it has on our fluid systems.  Many traditions follow a lunar calendar, and many holidays correspond to the lunar cycle.

If you have an idea for a dance, please let us know!