Stephen Katz

Cellist and award-winning composer Stephen Katz has charted new territory for the rhythmic potential of the cello with the groundbreaking approach he calls Flying Pizzicato. His compositions juggle two or three “voices” at a time, making music that simultaneously lays grooves, weaves tunes, and lifts spirits. Stephen has premiered his cello compositions at Carnegie Recital Hall … Read more

Glenn Smith

Glenn Smith has been performing since the 80’s, playing for festivals, dance jams / performances / classes, cafes, schools, raves, yoga and qi gong classes, etc. Starting with drum kit, he has since picked up piano, guitar, balafon, and various other instruments. Glenn loves to play for moving bodies in improvisational settings. Upcoming Appearances

DJ Prakashji

DJ Prakashji lives in Florence, MA and has been a Music Leader and organizer for Dance Spirit since Fall 2006. Prakash has been dancing since 1970 and meditating since 1971 and loves to bring together music and spiritual inspiration from around the world to Dance Spirit. He the father of 5 daughters and 8 grandsons. … Read more

Jon & Lisa

Jon & Lisa have been drumming together for many years. They have studied in the traditional West African style but also have been a part of many different drum circles, workshops and events. Lately they have been expanding their musical repertoire with a Balafon and a Native American flute not to mention the many drums … Read more

Rachel Rudman

Dj Rachel loves Dancers. She wants to stroke your D-spots. With a broad deep collection of grooves from all times & all places she provides a unique responsive experience for your pleasure in the Dance. Upcoming Appearances